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Oct 21, 2021

Do you feel like you’re on the cusp of a major breakthrough in your business, but there’s something holding you back but you’re not sure what it is?  In today’s episode, I interview Joseph James, who worked in PR/media for 12 years with some of London’s biggest agencies and consulted on campaigns for a number of global brands and household names and celebrities. In addition, he is a powerful mindset coach and the owner of Money, Mindset & Strategy, a specialized online program for serious entrepreneurs who want to create a lucrative business on their terms.  He is also the host of the podcast, “Money, Mindset, & Strategy”.

  • What can you do to make sure you are getting and keeping momentum in your business?
  • What can you do to get and keep a powerful money mindset?
  • How do you raise your fees?
  • What do you need to believe about yourself to charge those fees? 
  • How do you elevate your brand so you can elevate your coaching or consulting fees
  • How to start building your public relations campaign and getting comfortable promoting your business with media
  • How do you elevate your mindset -> 3 practical methods to help grow your business 
  • How to stop negative self-talk  
  • Success strategies to finish the year strong and grow your business 

3 Pieces of advice for our listeners:

  1. Choose your place in the market and own it without apology
  2. Get comfortable sharing well for your services
  3. Create brand assets and leverage them to support your positioning

Grab Joseph’s free workshop, “3 Lucrative Brand Strategies To Use Right Now - Mindset Shifts, Marketing Strategies and Business Tips” 

3 Lucrative Brand Strategies To Use Right Now


You can reach Joseph at


Website: Money, Mindset & Strategy website:

Podcast: Money, Mindset & Strategy



Instagram: @Moneymindsetandstrategy

Twitter: @JosephJamesMMS

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